Influencer Marketing Capabilities:

  • Develop custom influencer marketing strategies

  • Management of infuencer campaigns and communication

  • Influencer and celebrity gifting

  • Negotiation of influencer rates & terms


Influencer Getaways

Influencer getaways or press trips strategically planned and executed to build relationships with key stakeholders, create beautiful content and build awareness.

YouTube Creators

Specialize in activating YouTube creators to create content, drive word of mouth & deliver proven ROI.



How It All Started:

Always-On Influencer Campaigns

Execute evergreen influencer campaigns across all platforms to reach key audiences and support overarching business goals.

pi·o·neer  /ˌpīəˈnir/ : a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.

I've been spearheading influencer marketing projects since 2010 (a pre-Instagram and pre-Pinterest world. 🌎)

It started with the small idea that digital content creators with large audiences on Facebook and Twitter were just as valuable as editors from major publications, and in some cases, had larger digital footprints. I invited influencers to the showroom I was working at for press appointments and the rest is history. 

I've seen the landscape evolve from blogs to #sponsored, gifting to pay-per-post and macro to micro to nano. Some call it a bubble, some call it people-based marketing...